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It’s true: a picture truly IS worth 1,000 words! Check out the stunning results Lauren achieved with regular use of Youth Mascara!

After struggling with an autoimmune disorder for several years, I attribute taking Shaklee supplement as an integral part of restoring my health. As a compassionate and knowledgeable RN, Moyra has been very helpful and encouragingthroughout my journey to feeling SO MUCH BETTER.”


180 Smoothee Testimonials:

Okay, I am now a firm believer in Shakelee. I had the vanilla pack with one banana and handful of strawberries, mixed with one cup of milk. It was really thick so I added more milk. I am on my second large glass, and even shared with Vinnie. Guess what? None of it had come back up. Thanks a million and please tell me how to order some.”

Anita R.

This girl has had a horrible time getting pregnant (4 miscarriages before this pregnancy) & this pregnancy was no exception. She had to fly back to the states to see a specialist because the doctors here told her she would lose the baby due to the fact her body isn’t able to hold nutrients. She is in her 10th wk of pregnancy and has not been able to keep anything down. She has to go to the clinic 3 times a week for fluids & is on a prescription dose of vitamins. I gave her a couple samples of the smoothees for her to try with a few of my favorite recipes & that’s what she wrote me today!!!”

Michelle P and her happy customer. 

VIvix Testimonial

My 18 year old son woke up the other morning with his upper lip swollen to 3 times it’s normal size due to some kind of an allergic reaction.  He took a Zyrtec and went back to bed.  3 hours later, his lip was worse, so he took a Benadryl and went back to bed.  3 hours later, his lip was still really swollen, so I gave him ateaspoon of Vivix and the two red capsules from a Vitalizer strip. (I did this because I Googled “nutrients for inflammation” and read several positive stories about various antioxidants helping people with inflammation and swelling.)

Much to our surprise, in 15-20 minutes, his lips were back to normal!  I will be sending him to college with a handful of Vivix single-serve packets to keep on hand in case he has a reaction again.  (He already planned to take his Vitalizers with him.)  This swollen lip reaction has happened to him 4-5 times in the last couple of years, and we have not determined the cause.  He usually just drinks lots of water, cuts out carbs, and waits 10-12 hours for the swelling to gradually go down, but it is very embarrassing if he has to go anywhere.  He was soooooo happy that the swelling went away so fast with the Vivix and Caroto-E-Omega capsules!

After watching Christian’s lips go back to normal before our eyes, my sister, who was sitting with her ankle propped up because it was very swollen, also took a teaspoon of Vivix and the two red capsules from a Vitalizer strip.  With all our graduation party preparations, she had been struggling with her swollen ankle for three days.  The swelling in her ankle went down in about an hour!  She also took Vivix and a Vitalizer strip the morning of their 13.5 hour drive back to Texas, and called me to tell me how amazed she was that her ankle wasn’t swollen when she got home.  She has added Vivix to her June Shaklee order.

(6 months ago, she broke both bones in her leg, just above her ankle, and she has been having problems with swelling mostly when she’s on her feet too much.  She works in a hospital lab so most days, staying off her feet is not an option.  She has been using an ice pack on her ankle when she gets home from work, but it doesn’t reduce the swelling nearly as much as the Vivix.)

We’re celebrating The Power of Shaklee at our house!”

General Testimonials

I love the Fresh Laundry  powder detergent.  I run a bed and breakfast and my laundry comes out clean every time and smelling fresh.  I am also on a septic system and I don’t worry about putting harmful detergent into the environment.  Thank you Shaklee.”

After an out of town trip I removed a no-iron shirt from my suitcase and did not look at it.  I had not worn the shirt so I did not expect it to be soiled.  I took it down to wear a few weeks later to find that a soda that had exploded in our motel room had stained the front of the shirt.  After using several brand name stain removers and several washings with brand name detergents I still had a stain.  My friend offered to bring me some Shaklee’s Nature Bright. I agreed but did not expect much difference in the outcome.  After soaking it overnight with the Shaklee Nature Bright I was amazed to find the stain was gone.  Made a believer out of me and I immediately ordered 3 of the product for myself and two daughters.”

I’ve been taking the Menopause complex for several months now and I am thrilled with its effectiveness and I’ve been telling all of my friends. Although, my symptoms were not as frequent or as severe as some women I know, mine were consistent and impacting my ability to sleep through the night on a daily basis. Since adding menopause complex to my daily supplement routine, my symptoms have almost completely disappeared. In fact, as I am writing this I cannot remember having one hot flash for days now. See, IT REALLY WORKS! Thanks Moyra Gorski.”

Diane B

My favorite products are the Enfuselle cleanser and toner and the Shaklee 180 shakes! The cleanser and toner keep my skin healthy. The Shaklee 180 shakes taste great and are great, healthy meal replacements. If I drink one for breakfast, I am filled up til lunch!

I have tried everything out there. Cannot use any of them, Avon, MaryKay, Arbonne, all the store ones. I break out. I was using Neutrogena when I started with  Shaklee vitamins. It didn’t do anything for my skin but I didn’t break out. Moyra talked to me about Shaklee Enfuselle skin care. I said no, I didn’t want to risk breaking out again. Then she said what do you have to lose? It’s money backed guaranteed. So I tried it, and will not change to anything else! I even had the Marykay gal ask what I found because my skin looked great (and I have 50+ skin!). My daughter now uses it and my son does too. Helps with his breakouts.”

Jean Z

Thank you Moyra! You and Shaklee are the reason we offer green cleaning products to our customers! Very economical!”

Lisa – Dishwashing Divas Housekeeping

I just realized that, for the first time, the kids did not have any eczema this year. In the past, they’ve had it bad all winter, despite constant lotioning and prescription creams. I know it’s not scientific, but I doubt its coincidence that this year we switched from our mainstream-brand “dye-free, perfume-free” laundry stuff – which I learned contains just as many toxic chemicals as the “regular” versions – to the Shaklee laundry products.”

Team Testimonials

Seeing IS believing! Nobody likes to have their picture taken…but I decided the best way to prove to my customers and my team that the Youth product is effective is by showing them! I’m very happy with my results after 60 days, and I’m confident you will be too. Contact me to learn more about the entire line of Youth products!  Email Moyra


So thankful for you Moyra! Love how awesome your leadership is! I feel extremely blessed to be a part of such an amazing team!”


I came to Shaklee looking for several things- a natural and safe way to help my horrible allergies, a way to earn money while working from home so I can stay home with my daughter, and a solution to my baby weight I struggled to lose!  Not only did my allergies improve, baby weight finally come off, families health improve greatly, but I found an amazing opportunity to help make a difference in the health of others.

Shaklee has allowed me great flexibility to work whenever and wherever I want- often in my pj’s on the coach, catching up with a friend on the phone, or during a play date with another mom.  Every month I am extremely blessed to see what a difference Shaklee is making in my customers lives- whether its being able to get pregnant when doctors told them they would be unable to- clearing up allergies and asthma- improving digestion- migraines going away- or creating a safer home for their children.  I know when people buy a product, they are making a step towards creating a healthier life and it gives my work purpose and meaning.

Every morning I get to wake up as my own boss- not worrying about getting to work on time, or leaving my daughter.  I get to work with an amazing team of women that share similar goals and passion in life.  And I love what I do!!  I don’t have the stressors of my previous job and love the flexibility that comes with it!  I am grateful to find Shaklee, and have LOVED being able to work for them! I look forward to all that is ahead- free trips, soon to be car, great health, and a great second income!  Shaklee offers what so many people are looking for- a better health and way to bring in additional income while staying at home.  The products change people’s lives!”


Starting my own business with Shaklee has been one of the best decisions I ever made! In addition to getting incredibly deep discounts on my favorite all-natural health, home, nutrition, and personal-care products, I am able to make an income by doing something that I love! Nothing compares to the feeling I get when a customer calls me or emails me to tell me how grateful they are that I shared Shaklee products with them. I’m proud to partner with a company of such integrity and feel blessed to work alongside my friends! I work when and where I want. My personal health has improved and I’m making money! Best gig ever! 🙂


My husband and I like helping people. We’ve always been “the people to call.” We love knowing a great garage door guy or a good babysitter or the best place to get avocados. Whatever it is, we get asked for a recommendation. We also have always been quick to share products or services that we appreciate—a travel high chair or fabulous hair dresser. Why wouldn’t we? If it’s benefiting us so greatly, we want to share it with others. That’s just who we are.

And health has always been something we have been passionate about and interested in. We’ve yet to get training certifications, but we’ve helped people put together work outs and diets. We’ve encouraged people with healthier recipes, etc.  Since we got married in 2001, we’ve continued to educate ourselves on health, fitness, supplementation, etc. It’s been a growing process for sure. So when we found Shaklee, it was a natural fit.

At the time, we had recently been researching, and becoming more concerned about, three things: toxins in our cleaning products, chemicals in our skin care products, and the bio-availability of our vitamins. I then met a woman who had a Shaklee booth at a health fair and I started looking into the company right away. I was impressed with the products and all the clinical studies, but it seemed to fit a need that I hadn’t expected too—it was a great opportunity for me to help the people I cared about and at the same time, be able to bring an additional income to my family during some harder times and be able to stay home with my children (which I didn’t have yet).

So Shaklee just became a part of the greater picture to help people be healthier through education and encouragement, to share products and services that I love, and to give our family the freedom to choose whether I stayed at home and allowed my husband the flexibility to pursue ministry and focus on the parts of his career that he loves.

So what attracted us to Shaklee? A trusted product that we could easily and confidently share with our friends and family and that we wanted to use ourselves and a business where we are only successful if we are helping other people. I get e-mails and texts regularly, letting me know that we have made a big difference is people’s lives, that finding Shaklee has been an answer to prayer or that we have made their lives better.

Shaklee has blessed my family so much—starting with our health, but also, as a business. Not only are we healthier ourselves, but we’ve been able to pay for all of our own Shaklee products, save money and pay bills, and we just bought our first Shaklee car!”