What Shaklee Means To Me

For nearly 65 years, Shaklee has been helping people live healthier lives . For over 20 years I have been involved with Shaklee, taking their products and recommending them to others. 20 years ago I was introduced to the idea of building health, living a healthier life and the idea of having my own business while I help others.

I am a busy mom of 4, business owner and involved in my community. I have been there, being overwhelmed , putting every one else first and not taking care of myself.

I have learned the importance of good nutrition, smart supplements and the flexibility and freedom of having my own business affords me. And being partnered with Shaklee has kept me excited to share this mission with others.

The Shaklee Opportunity: Join us! This is Shaklee

There’s a movement. A 60 years in the making movement. An opportunity to turn a passion into a livelihood….on your own terms, with your own schedule. It’s a chance to build something great. It’s nature born, clinically proven, and time tested. It’s a community of health and sustainability. And it’s why we’ve brought together a tribe ready to make healthy happen. So, let’s make healthy happen together.