What Shaklee Means To Me

shaklee-effect-100For nearly 60 years, Shaklee has been helping people to attain these kinds of dreams for themselves and their families. Lots of times, people don’t think it’s possible to make this kind of change in their lives, because it just seems overwhelming. 15 years ago I didn’t know about Shaklee and what possibilities there were out there for my family or me. But we believe that by taking small, positive steps each day, transformation becomes possible. That’s what we call The Shaklee Effect.

Be Part of the Shaklee Effect

There are many reasons that people get involved with Shaklee. Many are attracted to the products, the ability to earn a little money, pay off a car payment, or travel for free.

You can choose how you start and are involved.

You can use the Products and experience the change in your health that they can help bring about.

You can share the products and your story with the community of people around you, so that you can earn discounts, a little extra spending money, or enough to cover a first or second car payment.

You can increase your Shaklee Effect by building a team like I am doing.

You can build a team of like-minded people with the potential to earn a significant income…and you can do this in your spare time, part-time or even full-time!

Whatever need you have or if your life doesn’t exactly reflect everything you really want for yourself or your family, just know that you’re not alone. Most of us want a change.

  • People want to look better and feel great at every stage of their lives
  • People want a better work/life balance
  • People want a way to earn money that is consistent with their values
  • People are concerned about being ready for retirement
  • People are finding it tough to enter or re-enter the traditional job market
  • People want live in homes that are free of toxins
  • People want to do their part to help the environment

Shaklee has solutions for each of these very common concerns and needs.

Ready to learn more about Shaklee and how it can benefit your personal goals? Please feel free to reach out to Gorski Wellness for a free consultation!