Shaklee is a company that can change someone’s health but can also make a difference in someone’s financial future.  As I saw the health changes in my own family and knew in from my nursing background that so much of the medical field is focused on treatment rather than prevention, I knew I had the power and the obligation to share what I was learning about wellness with others. That was the start of my business. I now make a full time income working part time. Over the years I have invited others to join me on this journey.

My team is one of the fastest growing teams in Shaklee currently. We are teachers, nurses, moms, dads, working professionals, accountants, health professional, athletes, trainers and more. As a result, a community of like-minded people has been created and one I am so grateful for. I invite you to join us. If you are looking for better health, we will guide you to the right products. If you are looking for extra income, money for retirement or college bills, money for travel or to pay off expenses or some extra to enjoy your time with your family and friends, please join us. We will help you find fulfillment in this business and this community of people who are seeking to make a difference in the world.


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Meet A Few of Our Team Members

Meet Barb

Barb Lagoni has been a business leader in Shaklee for over 40 years and a mentor of mine for all the time I have been involved in Shaklee. She really embodies what Shaklee is all about. With a degree in Nutrition from Cornell University, she is a wealth of information that she uses to help others make plans for better health. She has always believed in me and the better good that can be found inside of me and all those around us.

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Meet Allison

Allison is a young mom on my team. She is hearing impaired and a mom of 3 boys. She found Shaklee when she was looking for safe cleaners for her family. She found the products really helped her son with his eczema and herself with Postpartum Depression. Allison joined my team so she could share better health with others. Shaklee has helped Allison with her self-esteem and helped her discover who she can be as a mom, friend, and leader. We have great plans for Allison in Shaklee and on Team Gorski. The future looks great for her.

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Meet Christine

Christine is a mom of 4 young children. She started using Shaklee to help lose weight, gain more energy and help the health of her family. As she learned more about Shaklee as a company she wondered what sharing her new found health and info with others could be like. Being a teacher along with her husband, they both wondered ‘why wouldn’t they want to teach others how to have better health. And what if they could build a business while helping others? in a few short months, Christine has a dynamic and growing business as she has become so passionate about teaching and training about better health and a better future.

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Meet Jean


Jean is a dynamic and fun part of the Gorski team. She is a mom of 2 college aged children and works full time in the school system. She has been passionate about the products for 7 years and as she has shared that passion, she has invited others to join her in the business. She has a dynamic growing team of gals and guys, including a best friend and I love watching them grow while they share Shaklee and have fun in the meantime.

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Meet Harper


Harper is a dynamic part of our team. She and her husband are athletic and have a passion for living a healthy life. The integrity and quality of Shaklee products is what convinced her that these were the right products for her and her family. Becoming a distributor was an ideal option for her, as it gave her the opportunity to make an extra income to support her growing family. Harper and her husband are now raising a family of three and she loves being able to work fewer hours from home, while receiving a full time income.

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