Healthy Nutrition  changing brands can change your life

At Shaklee and Gorski Wellness we believe that nature holds the answers to a healthy life. By using the safest and most nature proven ingredients, back by the foremost scientific research, Shaklee formulates products that are truly life enhancing and 100% guaranteed.

When we look at health we want to make sure we build it on a healthy foundation. Much as you would when building a house, using the proper building blocks of nutrition will help you feel better and enjoy long term wellness. Our cells are made of vitamins, minerals and protein. So when we look at making recommendations for nutrients to begin with, I always recommend vitamins, minerals and a protein source. Making healthy food choices each day is important and can make of difference. But with our food supply and agriculture system not as it has been, our soil being depleted of essential nutrients for life and chemicals and preservatives added to our foods each day, it’s essential to have a smart supplementation plan in place. And even more importantly a plan that is backed my science and contains quality, safe products that are proven to work. Shaklee supplements are just that!

Below are some starting points for you to consider.

If none look just right or you want to dive more deeply into what would be best for you, hop over to the Healthprint and take a couple minute to fill out the 20 questions. Healthprint is your personalized health builder. By answering a few questions, Shaklee Healthprint will recommend a combination of products that are personalized for your specific needs, goals and budget. The Healthprint is a powerful tool that harnesses the work of award-winning Shaklee doctor and scientists to create a customized nutrition plan for you. Take a couple minutes and let’s see what your plan looks like.

I will be notified after you fill out the Healthprint and then in turn will be in touch with you to find time that works to go over the findings and recommendations.