Hello, and Welcome to Gorski Wellness. I am Moyra Gorski, RN, Practical Nutrition advisor and your connection to better health and a better future. I am so glad that you are here. I invite you to take a couple minute to read and learn more about me and why I am so passionate about what I do and what I represent. More importantly, let’s figure out together how I can help YOU !!!! That’s what I am most passionate about. Helping you !!!

I was introduced to the idea of wellness and building our health in the year 2000. My oldest son was seemingly sick all the time with allergies or asthma issues. A gal that I met at the local health club shared with me about some vitamins that she thought might help my son and some cleaners she recommended I try. You can read more about the story about what helped my son here. As I added Shaklee supplements to our daily regimen, chose healthier things to eat and changed my cleaning supplies to a greener, more natural brand, the health of my son began to improve. Over a short time his allergies faded away and didn’t suffer from asthma. As a mom I was thrilled. As a nurse I was curious.


I started learning about the Shaklee brand and the company and quickly learned it was a company that I could trust. In a world of no regulation and few credible studies, I found Shaklee is a brand I can trust. With science behind each product and a commitment to quality and safety, Shaklee became a company I chose to represent as I shared my health story with others.

Learn here a little more why I chose Shaklee and I think you should too.

As I mom who was thrilled with my sons’ new found energy and health, I started sharing that with others. Many of those moms were concerned about their family’s health also and chose to use Shaklee products as well. I shared more and I started to make money which started to pay for these products that were changing our lives. As I shared more, then I made more. Then I asked people to join me and to start sharing themselves. My Gorski Wellness team was born. Take a peek at a few superstars on my team now. More to Come!!!

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I invite you to look around. Find my Blog. I post regularly about relevant health topics, recipes and how Shaklee has truly changed my life and my family’s life.

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I can’t wait to hear from you. I am grateful that you are here as I know that means you are ready to make a commitment to your health and to your future. Let’s connect and let me start guiding you to your optimal health and a brighter future.


– Moyra Gorski, R.N., Practical Nutrition Adviser – Shaklee Independent Distributor