Ready to write a new story for yourself? Here’s your opportunity!

I’m Moyra J. Gorski, RN, BSN.  My journey to wellness began back in 2000, when I found myself a tired mom of little kids who were not healthy. Based on the recommendation of a friend, I started using some Shaklee products with my family. We all started feeling better and our health improved dramatically! After learning about the quality and the science behind the Shaklee products, I felt compelled to share what I’d learned – and my Wellness business was born.

Fast forward 15 years: my life with my children got very stressful. I had a daughter who began struggling with an Eating disorder and OCD, and other children struggling with anxiety and sports injuries. My entire focus was on supporting my kids and finding them the solutions and help they needed.

Why Sage Wellness coaching?

Write a new story!

During that time, I also saw my own health decline…I was losing myself as a mom. Once again, with the recommendation of friends, I started a new journey – back to me. I attended self-improvement seminars and retreats; I began meditating, praying, reading, and adding specific nutrition into my life. I started to feel like myself again, only a stronger and wiser self. That journey led me to form the Sage Wellness coaching program.

What I’ve learned on this journey is invaluable and I’m still learning. My goal and desire is to help other moms and women who are struggling to find themselves. We don’t need to settle for the same old story. We can write a different story. Let’s walk together and find your way back to you.

Ask yourself…

Are you feeling stuck? Do you find yourself helping others while putting yourself on the back burner?

Do you want to move forward in your life, but have fear around that?

Do you have dreams and goals but aren’t sure how to accomplish them? Are you ready for something new?

Then you are ready to experience coaching with Sage Wellness!

Your experience leading you to this point is unique, and your coaching experience will be just as unique. I will share my experience from the field of nursing, as a 19-year Shaklee distributor, hockey mom, swim mom, marching band mom, community volunteer, entrepreneur, business owner, woman of faith, and a lover of life.

How Does Sage Wellness coaching work?

Discovery Session

We’ll start with a complimentary Discovery Session by phone (50 minutes). The purpose of this call is for us to get to know each other, and for you to share what you are struggling with and what you want to create in your life going forward. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but will work with you and lead you to find the answers from within. (They’re there – trust me!)

If we determine we’re a good match, we’ll collaborate together on the next steps and the best coaching package to meet your objectives.

To book your complimentary Discovery Session with me, click here: Acuity Scheduling


$100 per hour session

3 sessions: $275 ( $25 savings when paid in full )

6 sessions: $550 ($50 savings when paid in full )

12 sessions : $1100 ($100 savings when paid in full)

Ask about the Mindset reset mini-session $150 for 2 sessions!!!

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Each weekly coaching session will be one (1) hour in length. (Sessions can be held via free conference call or Zoom platform, depending on need.) Your first coaching session will also include a free, one-time wellness assessment tool.

Each session will focus on the issues you’re currently facing, and encourage change as we brainstorm on options of what’s possible in your life. I’ll also offer recommendations on healthy supplements or wellness products that will provide shifts and help you live a healthier life.

Your responsibility:

  • You’ll have an intake or “check in” form that you’ll provide to me 24 hours prior to each session
  • You’ll have post-call homework and/or review of the goals and intentions you set
Love yourself enough to give yourself a FRESH start!!

I have all the confidence in your ability to write a new story for yourself. If you do all that I recommend, you will achieve the transformation that you desire!

Full Disclosure: I am not a therapist, although I do have a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) and a Practical Nutrition Advisor certification. I am the first to admit I am still learning. For the purposes of our journey together, I see myself with a machete in one hand, cutting away what’s in my way – and I’ll take you along with me, guiding you and making recommendations on what may help you live your highest and best life.

Why not you and Why not now!! Choose to be Happy!!